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Seeds and Seed Preparation

The cultivated groundnut fall into three groups in respect of the habit of growth, namely bunch (Spanish) and Valencea, semi-spreading (Virginia bunch) and spreading (Virginia runner).

In the bunch group, the seeds are round, plump non-dormant with light-rose testa.

Seed Treatment in Chickpea

Seed Treatment in Chickpea:

1. Treat the seed before sowing. Treat the 10 Kg chickpea seed with 250 gm. Rhizobium biofertilizer.

2. Treat the 10 Kg chickpea seed with 250 gm. phosphate solubilizing bacteria.

3. To control wilting of chickpea treat the one Kg of seed with 5 gm. of Trichoderma

Care to be taken:

1. Treat uniformly

2. After treatment, dry the treated seed in shade only

3. Sow the seed on same day

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