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False smut of Rice


False Smut : Ustilaginoidea virens (Cke.) Takahashi

(Deuteromycotina: Moniliales: Dematiacea)

Kannada Name: Kadige Roga

False smut is a fungal disease and is more severe in the years of high rainfall. The farmers consider its incidence as an omen of Good Harvest.

Rice blast


Rice blast: Magnaporthe grisea (Hebert) Barr

Stem rot

Stem rot: Sclerotium oryzae Catt (Deuteromycotina: Mycelia Sterilia)

Kannada Name : Kanda Kole Roga

It is an important disease particularly in water logged areas.

Period of occurrence : Later stages of plant growth

Weeds and Weed Control in Chickpea

Weeds and Weed Control

  1. Chickpea is sensitive to weed competetion.

Plant Population in Chickpea

Plant Population

Soils for Chickpea

Nodule damaging fly


  1. Flies have black bands on their wings (Fig.).
  2. Eggs are laid on plants and in the soil.
  3. Larva is cream-colored and 10 mm long.



  1. Social insects that form colonies in chambers below the soil surface.
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