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Four Important Phases of Sugarcane


Important Phases of Sugarcane


Critical Stages for Irrigation in Different Crops


Critical Stages for Irrigation in Different Crops


Short Term Strategy of Contingency Planning


Irrigation in Wheat

Irrigation in Wheat

Kiran Yadav

GBPUAT, Pantnagar

Microirrigation in Sugarcane

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Micro irrigation in Sugarcane

Dr.Kanchan Nainwal,G.B.P.U.A.&T.,Pantnagar 

The water availability for agricultural production is a limitation and therefore, judicious use of water is essential. Micro-irrigation techniques are now being used to mitigate water scarce situation in the water scarce sugarcane growing areas of the country in a big way.

Area, Production and Yield of Tobacco in States along with coverage under Irrigation

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