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Treatment for seed and soil borne diseases

Treatment for seed and soil borne diseases

Seed may get infested during any time of seed to seed cycle. Seeds are sometimes planted under unfavourable soil conditions such as cold and damp soils, or extremely dry soils.

Major diseases and its management in Okra





Major diseases and its management in Lemon

Major Diseases

Chemicals used

Disease and their manageement in Coriander


Major diseases



Cotton diseases and their management practices

Basal glume rot

Basal glume rot

Casual Organism: Pseudomonas syringae pv. atrofaciens

Description: The leaves, culms, and spikes of wheat can be infected.

Wheat mosaic

Wheat (Triticum aestivum) -- Wheat Soilborne Mosaic

Casual Organism:  virus

Description: Wheat soilborne mosaic virus (WSMV), transmitted by a soilborne fungus, Polymyxa graminis.

Glume blotch

Glume blotch

Causal organism: Septoria nodorum



Molya Disease

Causal Organism: Heterodera avenae


Ear cockle


Ear cockle

Causal Organism: Anguina tritici 

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