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                                  The announcement of an Open access policy by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research on Friday, 13th September, 2013 is one of the most welcome developments in recent times, and is a measure of the sagacity and foresight displayed by decision makers of this premier institution.

FDI in Retail: Who Benefits

There are a few sections in India who would love to see a Walmart store in their neighbourhood. The reason being it would be a very cool way to shop, it would offer a range of goods, there would be no waiting and shouting, the goods would be neatly packaged, no bargaining, nice ambience, while the prices will be lower than the regular kirana shop. 

Seed for the farmer: Legal Framework

The seed is the most important determinant of agricultural production. Provision of good quality seeds to the Indian farmer is a key factor in the growth of Indian agriculture.

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