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Natural Rubber

Daily prices of Natural Rubber 2010-11

The prices are collected from Domestic  | International  | IRDF  | RubberMark  sites and from Malayalamanorama & Mathrubhumi Malayalam Dailies.


World Rubber Production

For more information about Natural Rubber few sites are available to visit.

Thailand is the biggest natural rubber producer in the World.

Remedy for Bown Bast

Brown Bast in Rubber Trees Can be Cured


An Appeal to PGPortal

The anomaly in Indian Rubber Statistics

Published by Chandrasekharan Nair S

Email ID: Mob: 09447183033




Mathematical Error in Rubber Statistics

Grievance No.DOCOM/E/2019/00176 dated 10.02.2019  on PG Portal

A Reply received from Secretary

Analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics up to Dec 2017

The following Analysis compiled from the monthly rubber statistical News and annual rubber statistics published by the Rubber Board. Many of the figures on Monthly Rubber Statistical News  corrected later.

An Analysis of Rubberr Statistics


അസംസ്കൃത റബ്ബറും ചില ക്രമക്കേടുകളും

സ്വാഭാവിക റബ്ബറും കുറെയധികം ചതിക്കുഴികളും 

റബ്ബര്‍ സ്ഥിതിവിവര കണക്കുകളില്‍ തെറ്റുണ്ടെന്ന് റബ്ബര്‍ ബോര്‍ഡ് സമ്മതിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു.

Rubber Statistics with Anomaly

The Indian Rubber Board publication "monthly rubber statistical news" publishe'd online from December 2001. Why it happened? The QRMS (Quality Rubber Marketing Society) started to function from 1999.  QRMS purchased the same with an Annual payment of Rs 25 we felt to saw that it was an information on opening stock, production, import, consumption, export and balance stock with accuracy.

Analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics

An analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics 

Data collected and compiled from the site and publications of Rubber Board.  Click on hyperlinks to get details. The above document is updating periodically. 

Few reasons for the price fall in India

Rubber Policy

National Research Programme on Plantation Development (NRPPD)


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