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Natural Rubber

Daily prices of Natural Rubber 2010-11

The prices are collected from Domestic  | International  | IRDF  | RubberMark  sites and from Malayalamanorama & Mathrubhumi Malayalam Dailies.


World Rubber Production

For more information about Natural Rubber few sites are available to visit.

Thailand is the biggest natural rubber producer in the World.

Analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics

An analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics 

Data collected and compiled from the site and publications of Rubber Board.  Click on hyperlinks to get details. The above document is updating periodically. 

Few reasons for the price fall in India

Rubber Policy

National Research Programme on Plantation Development (NRPPD)


Natural Rubber related issues.

Calculate missing figure

Rubber price with elasticity

Rubber board publishing monthly rubber statistical news with a mathematical error in balance stock. The balance stock had a great role in price. If the missing is positive it means a heavy stock available in India and the rubber board published balance stock as reduced one. 

Performance of Natural Rubber 2009-10

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