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Strategies to overcome the ill - effect of delayed north-east monsoon

Plant Hormone Increases Cotton Yields in Drought Conditions

Dry March threatens crop show

Dry March threatens crop show

The changing face of farming

Friends this information may not be new but, I thought I will share this with all of you.

India's drought as climate 'tipping point'

An important report has been released by Allianz, a leading global financial service provider, and WWF, a leading global environmental NGO. Both do work (commercial and conservation respectively) in India. The report is titled: 'Major Tipping Points in the Earth’s Climate System and Consequences for the Insurance Sector'.

459 million hit by drought

In 12 states there are 299 districts which have been declared by their state governments as affected by drought.

We know which districts these are, and the central and state governments have announced repeatedly since September 2009 what measures are being taken to lessen the impacts of crop losses and livelihood shock.

Spineless Cactus - a promising source of fodder under drought conditions


Certain species of Opuntia are spineless and could be used as fodder for cattle and sheep particularly during times of drought. The high water content of cactus pads offers an added advantage. Feeding cactus resolves the problem of watering animals in arid environment. 

Andhra declared drought-hit

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HYDERABAD - Andhra Pradesh was Wednesday declared drought-hit - a move that will enable the state to avail of central government funds and take up relief works in affected areas.

District rainfall data - IMD's Ganesha moment

The IMD seems to have at last been galvanised into organising and delivering more data. The Met Dept has suffered from paranoia for years, guarding its numbers like they're state secrets. Two days ago, they began posting district rainfall data organised state-wise. This is useful. The first set of numbers inexplicably leaves out West Bengal, but we hope they'll correct that omission soon.

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