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Is commercial dairy faming benefitted to Indians, if yes how?

Now a days commercial dairy farming is in progress, But i think by this process our indigenious breed of cattle may vanish

kindly suggest appropriate future of Indian dairy farming.

How about Dairypedia?

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It's great to have all agri-content at one plce. Dairy being a considerable chunk of the agricultural sector, it would be beneficial to have a 'DairyPedia' developed here as a subset of agropedia. A separate Dairy section can be created, wherein users can post data/articles/papers, etc. related to the Indian dairy sector.


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FAO food price index heading upwards again

The FAO food price index for December 2009 shows that global food prices are on the ascent again. FAO's Food Price Index monitors and plots the price movements of a food basket composed of cereals, oilseeds, dairy, meat and sugar. The December rise is the fourth straight monthly rises. In its December Food Outlook report FAO said that "market conditions are different from those that triggered the food price crisis that started two years ago" but I think that's an anti-alarmist tack taken by FAO.

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