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practical agriculture V/S theoretical agriculture

hi agrians,

I find the emmense change between the theoretical aspects and practical aspects, because agriculture changes with climate, soil, topography, lattitude, water etcetc. 

I set a example as -- the varieties notified / released of horticulture crops ( chilly, bhindi ,brinjal, tomato etc ) that are given in the books were  not any where in the markets, there  many reason behind this.

Kisan Call Center (Madhya Pradesh)

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This is ths Kisan Call Center number for farmers oragrians of Madhya Pradesh ---- 1800-233-4433 (any query related to Agriculture, Horticulture , Veterinary , Medicinal / Aromatic Plants, Organic Farming etc.)

TNAU moves course contents online

       TNAU moves course contents online

Precision agriculture

Union budget 2010-11: a road map for agricultural progress

Union budget 2010-11: a road map for agricultural progress

The section on Agriculture and Food Management of the 2009-10 Economic survey concludes with the following statement:


I for Information

I for Ideas

I for Innovation

New poverty estimate method

The revision of poverty estimates will have a wide and deep impact on our understanding of agriculture and its place in the rural livelihoods circle. The Report of the Expert Group to Review the Methodology for Estimation of Poverty (Planning Commission, November 2009) is now out and it has already shaken up the 'official' figures.

The changing face of farming

Friends this information may not be new but, I thought I will share this with all of you.

First indication of rain deficit impact on crop production

The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) has made what sounds to me like a realistic forecast of crop production. Also, the Fourth Advance estimates have just been released (I will post them here as soon as I can). This is the PTI report which quotes CMIE:


                                  The announcement of an Open access policy by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research on Friday, 13th September, 2013 is one of the most welcome developments in recent times, and is a measure of the sagacity and foresight displayed by decision makers of this premier institution.

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