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Plant defense responses to sorghum spotted stem borer, Chilo partellus under irrigated and drought conditions

Sharma, H.C.; Mukuru, S.Z. ; Kibuka, J. ; Dhillon, M.K.,( Mukesh K. Dhillon )
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Journal of SAT Agricultural Research
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An experiment was conducted during 1990 and 1991 in Kenya, to study the reaction of 27 sorghum genotypes to stem borer Chilo partellus damage under irrigated and drought conditions. Crop growth was maintained at irrigated and water-stressed (non-irrigated) conditions. Data were recorded on deadheart formation due to stem borer, leaf area damaged, number of larvae per 5 plants, peduncle damage, and recovery resistance under natural infestation.

Sorghum root and stalk rots: basic disease problems. Summary and synthesis

Mughogho, L.K.
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Sorghum root and stalk rots, a critical review: proceedingsof the Consultative Group Discussion on Research Needs and Strategies for Control of Sorghum Root and Stalk Rot Diseases,
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