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UAS-Raichur (Karnataka)

Management of temites in bengal gram/chickepa

Termites :Odentotermes obesus (Termitidae:Isoptera)

 Local name: Geddalu

Management of Gram cutworm

Gram cutworm: Agrotis ipsilon (Noctuidae:Lepidoptera)

Management of Chickpea pod borer/bengalgram pod borer

Pod borer: Helicoverpa armigera Hubner (Noctuidae:Lepidoptera)

Local name: Kaayi korak, kadale hulu

Weed management in Cotton

Weed management in Cotton (Gossypium sp.)

Cotton sowing



Physiological disorder in Cotton

Physiological disorders in cotton (Gossypium sp.)

Nutrient management in Cotton

Use of organic manures in Cotton (Gossypium sp.)

Organic manures:

Irrigation in Cotton

Irrigation in Cotton (Gossypium sp.)

 Soil type

Cotton hybrids

Inter-specific hybrids of Cotton (Gossypium sp.)

Cotton,Cotton hybrids

Intra-hirsutum hybrids of Cotton (Gossypium sp.)

Varieties/ hybrids

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