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Sheath blight


Pigeonpea demand and supply

Pigeon demand and supply

seasonal outlook on TUR

Insect Pests of Pigeonpea


Nursery raising (Dry nursery method) in Paddy

Dry Nursery:

This method is practiced in the rainfed condition and in some areas where water is not sufficient to warrant use of wet bed. The practices in dry nursery preparation are:


Mechanization in Paddy transplanting

Mechanization in crop establishment

Paddy transplanters


  • Less labour intensive operation (Transplanting consumes 33 per cent of total labour required in rice production)
  • Helps in line transplanting
  • Easy weeding and intercultural operations

Self-propelled paddy transplanter

Raising of nursery in Paddy


Dapog Method of Nursery

  • Followed in Philippines
  • Introduced in India (adopted by some farmers in Andhra Pradesh)
  • It is a portable paddy nursery. Paddy seed­ling can be raised within 2 weeks without affecting its quality.
  • Area - 40 - 50 sq. m to cover one hectare of land.



Transplanting of paddy seedlings

Planting of seedlings is done in two ways

Random transplanting

Recommended varieties for different regions of Karnataka

Agriclimatic Zone [4, 5 & 6]

Varieties and season

Recommended varieties for different regions of Karnataka

Northern Dry Zone 

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