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Pests and their management


Pests and their management


Brown Plant Hopper (BPH): Nilaparvata lugens Stal.(Hemiptera : Delphacidae )

Kannada name : Kandu Jigi Hulu

Vernacular name : Bili Dhomi, Solle

Package of practices for Paddy developed by UAS Dharwad


Rice ecosystem

White tip nematode


White tip nematode: Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie



Sheath rot


Sheath rot: Sarocladium oryzae (Sawada) W. Gams and D. Hawksworth

Kannada Name: Yelekavachada Kole Roga

Sheath rot is a important fungal disease where semi-dwarf and high yielding cultivars are used.

Rice tungro



Rice Tungro

Kannada Name: Tungro Roga

Brown leaf spot


Brown Spot: Helminthosporium oryzae (Breda de Haan) (Deuteromycotina: Moniliales : Dematiaceae )

Kannada Name: Kandu Chukke Roga

Bacterial leaf blight of rice

Bacterial leaf blight: Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Ishiyama)   Swing et. al.

(Pseudomonadales: Pseudomonadaceae)

Kannada Name: Dundanu Macchhe Roga

Period of occurrence: Tillering to heading stage

Extent of yield loss: 6-60% in extreme cases

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