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Reprodutive stage


Reproductive growth is a one-time process, in other words, determinate. Flower and seed development is a process that is taking place at a growing point at the tip of stem, often called shoot apical meristem (SAM).A growing point goes through reproductive growth only once. On a rice plant, the growing point develop a panicle in the reprocduoion







System of Rice Intesification (SRI)

System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

SRI Paddy Cultivation requires less water and less expenditure gives more yields, Beneficial for small and marginal farmers.

Field preparation

After harvesting the Rabi crops in April-May, the fields should be ploughed with soil turning plough. This is helpful in weed eradication as well as improvement in the water holding capacity of the soil. the field should be prepared and bunds should be made around the field just after the first shower of monsoon. This will check loss of rain water by runoff.

Post harvest management


Increasing emphasis on higher value farm products to meet the changing diets of urban consumers has focused renewed attention on post-harvest systems, while unacceptably high losses due to poor handling and lack of appropriate infrastructure have reduced economic benefits to small producers.

Rice shoot system

Shoot System:

Collectively applies to all plant parts visible above the ground level. It is mainly composed of culms, leaves and inflorescence (panicle).

Rice cropping system

In North India where irrigation facilities exist, a number of cropping systems of crops involving rice are feasible. After harvest of rice, crops like potato, berseem  toria, etc., can be sown and will fit very well in intensive crop rotations. In rainfed areas too, where the soils are well drained and have good moisture retention capacity, legume crops like chick pea, lentil could be grown successfully after the harvest of rice, which mature on the residual moisture in the soil. Some of the cropping systems are given below : 

Critical stages of scented rice

Favorable optimum temperature for various growth stages of rice

  • Germination: 21-31 deg-C
  • Transplantation: 15 deg-C
  • Growth in Height: 25 deg-C
  • Tillering: 32-34 deg-C (Flower initiation)
  • Day Temperature: 25-30 deg-C
  • Night Temperature: 20-25 deg-C
  • Anthesis: 30 deg-C
  • Ripening: 23 deg-C
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