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Origin of pigeonpea

Importance of Pigeonpea

Botanical Description of Pigeonpea

Botanical Description:

Introduction of Pigeonpea

Red gram is an important pulse crop in India. It is also known as Pigeonpea, Arhar and Tur. Red gram is mainly cultivated and consumed in developing countries of the world. This crop is widely grown in India. India is the largest producer and consumer of Red gram in the world. Red gram accounted for about 20 percent of the total production of pulses in the country during the year 2000-2001.

Biological control of rust disease in groundnut

Biological Control

  • Foliar application of aqueous neem leaf extract @ 2-5% is useful and economical for the control of rust.

Organic production techniques in Pigeonpea - Storage management


Storage Management:

Weeds in sorghum

A variety of weeds are associated with sorghum crop.
The type of weeds vary from place to place depending on soil type, season and environment where sorghum is grown.
These weeds comprise of diverse plant species of annual grasses and seasonal broad leaved weeds.

 Weed problems in grain sorghum include:

Diseases of Pigeon Pea


Pigeon Pea (Arhar) (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp.)

Groundnut Production Practices new - Crop Rotation Practices


A cropping system refers to growing a combination of crops in space and time.

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