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Plume Moth


  1. Adults have brown plume-like wings (Top Figure).
  2. Larvae are green or brown, spindle shaped and covered with short spines (Bottom Bottom Figure).
  3. Green oval eggs are laid singly on buds and pods.

Powdery Mildew in Pigeonpea

Powdery Mildew


Legume Pod Borer


  1. Adults have distinctive white bands on brown forewings.
  2. A full grown larva has a pale body lined by rows of conspicuous black spots on its dorsal surface.

Blue Butter Flies


  1. The adults are slender, bluish-gray with a wing span of 30 mm (Fig. 1).
  2. Larvae are about 12 mm long, green, oval, flat, and slug-like (Fig.2).

Pod sucking bug


  1. The adults of Anoplocnemis spp are usually black or brown and are largest (30 mm) of these bugs (Fig.1).

Blister beetle


Leaf Cutter Bees


  1. Female bees (Figure) carry pieces of leaf to form nests in the soil or rotten wood, or in crevices.
  2. Adult bees are present in range of colors and size.

Leaf Webbers


  1. Inconspicuous brown moth (Figure).
  2. Eggs are laid in clusters of about ten, on buds and young leaves.
  3. Cream-yellow larvae pupates in the webs.



  1. The Amsact spp. (Figure) have one generation in India.
  2. S.obliqua and E.subnotata have multiple generations in a year with 30 to 40 days generation time.
  3. Larval period is about a month. Pupates in the soil.



  1. Adults are 5 mm long with 11 black spots on its ash- grey body (Bottom Figure).
  2. The biology is not fully known.
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