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Calcium Nutrition in Chickpea


Seed Processing


Processing of dry seed


Time of Harvesting :

Water Requirement

Pigeonpea uses about 20-24 cm water to produce about 1 t of grain/ha under traditional production systems.

Weed Management

Pigeonpea has slow initial growth rate. This makes pigeonpea less competitive with weeds. If weeds are not controlled in time can cause up to 90% reduction in seed yield and inoculum for for pests and diseases.

Table. 1: Some of the common weeds associated with Pigeonpea

Plant Population

Long-duration varieties

In traditional production systems, pigeonpea generally has a low plant population, less than 5 plants m2. But, 10 plants m2 gave marginally higher yields in intercrops.

Time of Sowing

Long-duration varieties:

Sowing at the onset of rains (15 June to 15 July in India) ensures sufficient vegetative growth before flowering.

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