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Uses and Nutritional Features of sorghum

Overall in Asia sorghum is primarily used for food comprising 66% of total utilization.
The rest is utilized for feed and industrial uses.In India, sorghum is mostly used both for food and feed.
Recently sorghum is also used in alcohol industry with the introduction of sweet sorghums.
In China, sorghum is used for food, feed, and in the brewing industry to make beer.

Sorghum:Its Importance

Sorghum is the fifth most important cereal crop in the world after wheat, maize, rice, and barley:

Host-plant resistance in Chickpea IPM

Host-plant resistance

A few pest-tolerant genotypes were developed, but possess undesirable characteristics such as small seeds.


Integrated Pest Management in Chickpea

Four IPM components are:

  1. Host plant resistance.

Bruchids in Chickpeas


Army Worms of Chickpea

Army worms

Leaf Miners in Chickpea

Leaf miners

Aphids in Chickpea


Cut worms of Chickpea

Cut worms
Adult Cutworm

Soil Beetles of Chickpea

Soil beetles
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