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Glume blotch- Fungal disease of wheat

Glume blotch

 Casual Organism or agents: Septoria Nodorum (leptosphaeria nodorum)

Hill bunt or stinking smut- fungal disease

Hill bunt

Causal Organism: Tilletia caries and Tilleria foetida

Black point- Fungal disease of wheat




Black Point

Causal Organism: Alternaria, Helminthosporium, Fusarium


Karnal bunt- Fungal disease of wheat

Karnal Bunt

Causal Organism: Neovossia indica (Tilletia indica)

Flag smut- Fungal disease of wheat

Flag Smut

Causal Organism: Urocystis tritici

Loose smut- Fungal disease of wheat

 Loose Smut

Causal Organism or agent : Ustilago segatum tritici


Chief symptoms: The ears, except their rachis are converted into black powder which is a mass of olive brown spores of the fungus

Helminthosporium Leaf Blight (Spot Blotch)

Helminthosporium Leaf Blight (Spot Blotch)

Causal Organism: Bipolaris sorokiniana

Alternaria leaf blight of wheat

Alternaria leaf blight of wheat

Causal Organism : Alternaria triticina

Powdery mildew- Fungal disease of wheat

Powdery Mildew

 Causal Organism or agent: Erysiphe graminis tritici  

Brown rust- Fungal disease of wheat

Brown rust (Leaf rust)

Causal organism: Puccinia recondite f sp tritici



Chief symptoms: Orange to brown, round, scattered

Control measures:

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