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Suggestions and Improvements for Agropedia

This blog entry of mine is related to suggestions which may or may not be implemented by the development team of agropedia.

As i will keep on exploring agropedia and find some of the things which can be corrected, I will be writing them here. So that agropedia is less error prone technically.

Damage of Helicoverpa armigera in tobacco

 Damage of Helicoverpa armigera in tobacco

Leaf damage

Agriculture Extension

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Staff Position of Teaching/Technical Staff. (As on 07.09.2010)

Wine from mango fruits

Health benefits of Onion, Garlic and Pepper

Onions, Garlic and peppers are Beneficial for Your Health


Methods of Irrigation



Internal Necrosis of Potato

Internal Necrosis in Potato

SRI Paddy Field Photograph


Field Demonstration on SRI Paddy by Astha Beej Co. Pvt. Ltd.


How To Save Water

How to Save Water with your Irrigation System

Water Saving Tips & Ideas for Irrigation Systems


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Foliar Sprays are a part of plant growing practices. Worm worked soils have burrows formed by the earthworms. Bacteria richly inhabit these burrows, also called as the drilospheres. Water passing through these passages washes the nutrients from these burrows to the roots to be absorbed by the plants. This principle is applied in the preparation of vermiwash. Vermiwash is a very good foliar spray.

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