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Production Technology Package for Lentil (Rabi) - Nadia, West Bengal

Lentil (Rabi)


Agriculture, Environment & Seed Research Information through Open Access


Utilization for agrowastes for mushroom cultivation


S.Parthasarathy, UG Agrl student, Annamalai university

high moisture preservation of paddy in Tamilnadu during monsoon

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High moisture paddy preservation technique

S.Parthasarathy, UG Agrl student, Annamalai university.

salt-husk powder treatment for paddy

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Salt- husk powder treatment for paddy


S.Parthasarathy, UG Agrl student, Annamalai university.

can anyone please give me the information about honeybee pollination in sesamum crop

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honeybee pollination in sesamum seed production is my research topic. so if anyone have the information regarding these topic like abstract and all please send it here.

Biocontrol of sheath blight of rice with Pseudomonas flourescens

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can anyone please tell me how to use pseudomonas flourescens for controlling of sheath blight of rice?


thanks in advance..................

ICT and Agriculture

ICT will have greater influence in Agriculture the near future.
We are experimenting some ICT tools for Agriculture through Village Knowledge Centers, From our experience, the following tools are very useful for farmers
Video Conference (Expert to Farmers, Farmers - Farmers). We used to have conference once in a wek with Block Level Agriculture Department officials

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