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Monsoon to decide - Turmeric prices to hike or fall this harvest season

Monsoon to decide - Turmeric prices to hike or fall this harvest season

Turmeric is grown as a Kharif crop in India. The crop-harvesting season commences from January and continues till March. India is the leading producer, consumer and exporter of turmeric in the world. Turmeric is mainly used to flavour and colour foodstuffs and an ingredient in cosmetics and medicines. The production of turmeric is concentrated in the southern part of the country, mainly in the peninsular area.

Analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics

An analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics 

Data collected and compiled from the site and publications of Rubber Board.  Click on hyperlinks to get details. The above document is updating periodically. 

Few reasons for the price fall in India

Kharif pre-harvest price forecast cotton 2014-15

Cotton prices to remain around MSP till March, 2015

Sell kharif grown paddy in November-UAS Scientists

India is one of the world's largest producers of white rice, accounting for 20% of all world rice production. Rice is India's prominent crop and is the staple food of the people of the eastern and southern parts of the country.Among the rice growing countries, India has the largest area (40.2 million ha) followed by Chaina and Bangladesh.

Farmers to get Rs. 3700-4200 per quintal of kharif groundnut at harvest in Raichur Market

Groundnut is one of the important oilseeds in the world today. It is called as the ‘king’ of oilseeds and is one of the most important food and cash crop of the country, contributes around 45 percent of the total oilseed production in the country.

Store Kharif grown Soybean up to November – DEMIC advices farmers

Soybean is one of the important oil seed crops of India and exclusively grown in the kharif season. Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh are the major cultivators of this important oilseed, with their respective contributions usually around 60%, 25%, 6-7% and 1-2%. As per the price forecasts done by the Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell, Department of Agribusiness Management, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad for Yellow Soyabean, this year the prices of Yellow Soyabean in Bailhongal market is expected to range between Rs.

Sorghum fetches Rs. 1200-1500 per quintal at harvest in Bellary Market

Sorghum is an important cereal crop which is grown globally for food and feed purposes. It is most widely grown in the semi-arid tropics where water availability is limited and frequently subjected to drought. About 100 countries grow sorghum, of which 66 cultivate it over more than 1000 ha or produce more than 1000 tons. India has the largest sorghum area with 10.06 million ha. The second largest sorghum cultivating country is Nigeria, followed by Sudan, USA and Nigeria. More than 90 per cent of the world’s sorghum area lies in the developing countries, mainly in Africa and Asia.

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Agropedia is an good initatives for agriculture acedmeia, scientist and other stakeholders to share the agricultural contents on different crops for knowledge management related to particular   crop. Great work,  keep it  up agropedia team..hope world will follow and appreciate the work oneday for its uniquness in nature.

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