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Crop Profile of Sweet Sorghum

 Crop Profile of Sweet Sorghum

Video on Fish Cum Poultry Farming

Video on Fish Cum Poultry Farming

Attended web2.0 for knowledge management at manage.

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TheWeb 2.0 training for Knowledge Management was  held at MANAGe from 13-15th Febrauary 2013 At Hyderabad. The training was very intersting as new ideas and tools for using the web for the benefit of the farmers was dealt in in detail. Amazing, how the web has developed and can be used for dissemination of farm based knowledge and perform as an interactive tool in and between the farmers, officials and other stakeholders.

AGROPEDIA bagged 5th Agriculture Leadership Award

5th Agriculture Leadership Award

Agropedia workshop on Digital knowledge repository, 24-25 January, 2013

    NAIP Workshop on Development of Digital Knowledge Repositories,24-25 January, 2013

Sell rabi grown onion immediately: UAS, Scientists

Agropedia Workshop

Participation in Agropedia workshop was a great experience.

Online Database and Information Retrieval System for AICRP on MULLaRP

Online Database and Information Retrieval System for AICRP on  MULLaRP

Devraj,  G.P. Dixit, P.K. Katiyar and Sanjeev Gupta

Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur - 208 024(U.P.), India

Understanding Agropedia

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Its the beginning. And Miles to go for the realization.

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