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Agriculture vs Technology

Turmeric Price Forecast

Turmeric Prices will be Stable from April to June

          Turmeric, the yellow spice had witnessed a peak price of Rs.17,000 per quintal in November 2010 and started decline in prices to Rs.4600 in September 2011. For the past two months, the turmeric price is in uptrend due to low stocks and production.

Export of natural rubber from India



Oats Varieties in India

Oats Varieties in India

Oats are a crop of Mediterranean origin, the domestication dates back to ancient times. Oat seeds are reportedly found in 4000 year old remains in Egypt. The genus Avena comprises of about seventy species, a few are cultivated. A. sativa and A. byzantina are the main oats grown for fodder and grain.

Voice KVK Worksop at ZPD-IV, Kanpur

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Voice KVK Workshop and Annual Day of ZPD-IV Celebrated  

Sell Sunflower upon Harvest

Sunflower is one of the major oilseeds containing 35-50% of oil and 17-25% of protein. High fibre, low protein and high wax content are the major constraints in obtaining better yield of oil. Total world production of sunflower seeds in 2012-2013 may amount to approximately 36.36 million tonnes (40.29 million tonnes in 2011-2012). Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, China and Turkey are the major producers of sunflower seeds globally. 

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