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About Knowledge Models

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The excellent part of agropedia is Knowledge Models as now the time is of shortcuts to save time.

Botanical varieties of pepper

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Botanical varieties of pepper

Pepper is nutritionally rich in vitamin C than any other vegetable crop. It is also a rich source of vitamin A and E. pepper fruits are consumed fresh, dried or processed products and as spice in condiments. Paprikas are mostly large cultivars with large mild fruits

Agriculture share in GDP is fast dipping!


                                  Agriculture share in GDP is fast dipping                                                      !

Antifungal activity of neem

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soil requires for wheat cultivation.

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Wheat is grown in a variety soils of india. soils with clay loam,gud WHC and gud structure is ideal. acre should be taken to avoid very porous and excessively drained soils.


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what is kalahasti malasi disease in ground nut?



Rice : Genreral Account & Package of Practice for Production

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Seed treatment of Rice

It is most important that seed should be treated with appropriate pesticide before sowing seed in nursery for the control of seed born disease.Rice seed should be treated with thiram or mancozeb at the rate of 2.5g/kg of seed.

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