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Zero-tillage planting of Wheat crop

Zero-tillage planting of Wheat crop

Commercialisation of Agriculture

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A debate needs to be initiated on commercialisation of agriculture and what is its impact on modern society. We have two models which represent the two ends and today are we, in a sense oscillating between these two ends like a pendulum. The two models are the American  and the Russian(Soviet).

Manure and Fertilizers for Onion Growing

Manure and Fertilizers for Onion Growing



Hello world

Onion Cultivation season in India


System of Rice Intensification

 INTRODUCTION : SRI is the acronym for System of Rice Intensification. This method was first developed in 1983 in Madagascar. This is the method is in which there is less input but more output there by a great profit for the farmers.


Important pests of stored grains.

(A) Cereals:

a:- Internal Feeders:-

1. Rice weevil- (Sitophilus oryzae). Both adults and larvae attack on grain and make it unfit for consumption as well as for seed purposes. It feeds on rice, wheat, barley, maize, sorghum etc

Principles of IPM

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The basic principles in IPM are as follow-

Water + Fertilizer ( NPK) Uptake per Seedling to Harvesting

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Calling Research AgriScientists

I need to tap your practical wisdom to search for per Single Plant-Rice Crops over the growth cycle from Seed to Harvest

1- Water Uptake /Transpiration Rate per plant ( millilitres/week x days graph )

2-Types/Quantity of nutrients NKP required at different time of the growth cycle ( Types N/P/K milligrams x days graph )

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