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Banana Prices to Remain Firm

Banana Prices to Remain Firm

Rubber Statistics with Anomaly

The Indian Rubber Board publication "monthly rubber statistical news" publishe'd online from December 2001. Why it happened? The QRMS (Quality Rubber Marketing Society) started to function from 1999.  QRMS purchased the same with an Annual payment of Rs 25 we felt to saw that it was an information on opening stock, production, import, consumption, export and balance stock with accuracy.

Dry root rot of chickpea

Dry root rot of Chickpea


Red Gram (Tur) prices to remain firm in Gulbarga Market

Red gram (Tur) is grown throughout the tropical and subtropical countries especially in south Asia, eastern and southern Africa, Latin America, Central America and South America. The major countries producing red gram are India, Myanmar, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Congo, Bangladesh, Haiti, Panama etc.

Diseases of Aloe vera

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S. Parthasarathy, Ph.D Scholar, Dept. of Plant Pathology, CPPS, TNAU, Coimbatore - 3

First of all, Aloe vera plants are very hardy. Despite its hardy nature, the aloe plant is affected by occasional diseases.

ALTERNARIA LEAF SPOT: Small, circular to oval dark brown necrotic sunken spots on the leaves.

Rice Bacterial Blight Management

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                                                                                  Rice Bacterial Blight Management

                                            S. Parthasarathy, Ph.D Scholar, Dept. of Plant Pathology, TNAU, Coimbatore

Natural Rubber related issues.

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Potatoes: A complete Food

Potatoes: A complete Food

Dhiraj K. Singh[1] and Pinky Raigond[2]

“Considering the widespread under-nutrition in the country, there is a need for popularising the consumptions of potato on a larger scale.”(MS Swaminathan, Eminent Agricultural Scientist)

Black pepper price ofrecast - Pepper prices to remain firm


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Pepper prices to remain firm

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