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Production Technology

Production Technology

Zero tillage method of sowing

Use of Zero Tillage in Rice-Wheat Cropping System

There exits perpetual problem of late sowing in those areas where wheat is grown after rice. It has been reported that planting of wheat beyond 25th November reduces yield @ 30 kg/ha/day or more. This loss can be reduced or compensated by the use of zero-tillage which advances sowing by a week at least at the same time saving money spent on ploughing and other operations.

Irrigation and scheduling in wheat

Irrigation and scheduling


Irrigations should be done at right time and in adequate quantity. Recommended time of irrigation is as below:

    1st Irrigation : At crown root stage i.e. 20-25 days after sowing

Wheat- Seed and sowing

 Row to row distance and depth of seeding

Time and method of fertilizer application in wheat

 Time and method of fertilize application

 Sowing may be done behind the plough or by seed drill in well prepared field with moisture. If soil test is not done, one should apply the fertilizers as recommended below:

Situation/sowing condition


Nitrogen (Kg)

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