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Shoot system

Shoot system

Shoot system of wheat

  • Tillers: The tillers have the same basic structure as the main shoot. These arise from the axils of basal leaves. At anthesis most of the tillers bear productive ears, however, a few remains sterile.
  • Spikelet : Spikelet is compose of the flowers called florets.  The number of floret in a spikelet may vary from 1-5.  The floret in rach spikelets are enclosed by two glumes.

Kernel-Shoot system in wheat

Kernel of wheatWheat has caryopsis type of fruit. The typical wheat kernel is from 3-10 mm length and from 3-5 mm in diameter.  The composition of a wheat kernel is:

Infloresence-Shoot system of wheat

The inflorescence of wheat is known as 'spike of spikelets' or 'ear'. There are 2 rows of spikelets in front of each other. Spikelets are systematically arranged and are distributed along the central zig-zag axix, which known as 'rachis'. Infloresence of wheat

Leaf-Shoot system of wheat

Leaf consists of four parts:

Stem-Shoot system in wheat

Wheat stem generally possesses height from 60-70cm (in case of three gene dwarf verities) to 125cm (tall varieties). The stem of wheat plant is round or cylindrical. In most varieties of the bred wheat the stems are hollow, accept at the nodes where they are solid but in a few varieties of durum wheats the internodes are completely filled with the soft pith. There are 5 - 7 nodes on the stem. Stem is solid on nodes and hollow in between the internodes. Maximum portion of wheat is covered with leaf sheath. Stem is often glabrous or some times it is hairy.

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