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Vegetable pea

Vegetable pea

Crop profile of vegetable pea

Crop profile of vegetable peaCrop Profile

  • This crop belongs to family Leguminoseae.

Rust disease in vegetable pea


powdery mildew of vegetable pea

Causal organism:

It is caused by Erysiphe cichoracearum DC. Outbreak of this disease is associated with dry weather.


Bacterial disease of vegetable pea

Causal organism: Pseudomonas syringe pv.pisi (Sackett) Young, Dye and Wilkie.  Bacterial blight of pea

Spacing in Vegetable pea

Seeds can be sown in ridges and furrows or flat beds. The seeds are dibbled at 5-7.5 cm depth on either sides of the furrow at a spacing of 60 x 10 cm and at a spacing of 30 x 10 cm in flat beds.

Seed rate

Seed rate:

Seed rate depends on the method of planting, varieties, season of planting and purpose of growing.

Sowing time of vegetable pea


  • Time of sowing: The land should be thoroughly ploughed so that it is free from clods. The early varieties of pea are sown in October where as the mid-season varieties are sown in November. In the hills, first crop of pea is sown from the middle of March to the end of May while a second crop is sown in autumn.


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