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Production technology

Production technology

Cultural operations: Sugarcane

Cultural Operations in Sugarcane

Earthing and Tying

Earthing in July

Water management and Nutrient management of sugarcane

Water management in sugarcane-

The current total irrigation potential of the country is estimated at 113 M ha of which only 50% is under actual use. One tonnes of cane need 60-70 tonnes of water. The crop should be irrigated when available water reaches to 50% of level. Maximum water is required during tillering stage and during elongation or grand growth phase. There should be proper drainage in rainy season.

Tips of ratoon managements: Sugarcane

Tips of ratoon managements

Ratoon is a crop which is allowed to grow in the same field from the roots of the previous crop without planting seed sets a new.

Seed Selection and Treatment : Sugarcane


Three-Tier Seed Programme: Sugarcane

एक कलिका रोपाई :गन्ना

एक कलिका रोपाई

  • इस में एक कलिकायुक्त सेट (बीजखण्ड) की सीधी रोपाई सम्मिलित होती है।
  • सेटो (बीज खण्डों) के बीच 30-40 से.मी. की दूरी पर खूड़ों में खेत में सीधे एक कलिकायुक्त सेटो की रोपाई की जाती है।
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