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Blast management in organic basmati rice

Rice blast

Causal organism: Pyricularia oryzae (magnaporthe grisa)

Tungro disease management in organic basmati rice



  • Tungro stunts rice plants and changed the leaf colour to shades of yellow or orange.

False smut of Rice


False Smut : Ustilaginoidea virens (Cke.) Takahashi

(Deuteromycotina: Moniliales: Dematiacea)

Kannada Name: Kadige Roga

False smut is a fungal disease and is more severe in the years of high rainfall. The farmers consider its incidence as an omen of Good Harvest.

Rice blast


Rice blast: Magnaporthe grisea (Hebert) Barr

Stem rot

Stem rot: Sclerotium oryzae Catt (Deuteromycotina: Mycelia Sterilia)

Kannada Name : Kanda Kole Roga

It is an important disease particularly in water logged areas.

Period of occurrence : Later stages of plant growth

White tip nematode of rice


Rice White Tip Nematode

Scientific name: Aphelenchoides besseyi

 This is one of the economically important nematode parasite infecting rice crops throughout the world. This nematode was first reported on rice from Japan, and an extensive work has been carried out on this nematode pest.

Rice ragged stunt

Rice ragged stunt

Causal agent:  Ragged stunt virus   

The brown plant hopper transmits the disease. The early in star nymphs of the insect are more efficient in transmitting the disease than older ones. Five-day-old nymphs are the most efficient transmitters. The virus is acquired within a feeding period of 24 hours.

Brown spot of rice

Causal organism: Helminthosporium oryzae

Stem rot

Causal organism -  Sclerotium oryzae

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