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agroclimatic zone

On the basis of criteria of homogeneity in agro-characteristic such as water surplus and water deficit, India was divided into 11 agro climatic zones.Later on, India was divided into 15 agro climatic zones on the basis of water surplus, water deficit and cropping system. The agro climatic zone are given below:








Critical stages of scented rice

Favorable optimum temperature for various growth stages of rice

  • Germination: 21-31 deg-C
  • Transplantation: 15 deg-C
  • Growth in Height: 25 deg-C
  • Tillering: 32-34 deg-C (Flower initiation)
  • Day Temperature: 25-30 deg-C
  • Night Temperature: 20-25 deg-C
  • Anthesis: 30 deg-C
  • Ripening: 23 deg-C
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