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Shoot system

Shoot system

पत्ती : धान

पत्ती :

कल्म के प्रत्येक गॉठ पर पत्ती निकलती है जिसके निम्नलिखित हिस्से होते हैं।

तने (डंठल) : धान

Panicle and spikelet - morphology of rice


  • The inflorescence of rice plant, borne on terminal shoot and thus called as panicle.
  • It is determinate type and at maturity, it is droopy in nature.

Leaf - morphology of rice


Each node of the culm bears a leaf which has following parts. 

Stem - marphology of rice


  • The rice stem or culm is hollow and is made up of nodes and internode.
  • Each node bears a leaf and a bud, which may grow into a shoot or tiller.

Rice grain

Rice grain

Rice shoot system

Shoot System:

Collectively applies to all plant parts visible above the ground level. It is mainly composed of culms, leaves and inflorescence (panicle).

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