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Marketing policy for red gram/pigeonpea in Karnataka

Cost and returns structure or redgram/pigeonpea crop in Maruti variety and Local variety

Cost and returns structure or redgram crop in Maruti variety and Local variety

Maruti Variety

Total cost:                    Rs. 18245.39 per hectare

Management of pigeonpea cyst nematode

Pegion pea cyst nematode: Heterodera cajani Koshy

Sterility mosaic in pigeonpea

Sterility mosaic

Vector - Eriophyid mite, Aceria cajani (Eryophidae: Acari)

Management of Pigeonpea Phytophthora blight

Phytophthora blight: Phytopthora drechsleri

Local name: Phytophtora angamaari

Management of leaf spot in pigeonpea

Leaf spot : Cercospora cajani

Local name: Yale chukke roga

Damaging systems:

Fusarium wilt in pigeonpea

Wilt: Fusarium uduum

Local name: seedi roga/sorgu roga

Management of blister beetle

   Blister beetle: Zonabris pustulata (Meloidae: Coleoptera)

Damaging systems:

Management of pigeonpea spotted pod borer

Spotted pod borer  : Maruca testulalis (Pyraustidae: Lepidoptera)

Damaging systems:

Management of Pigeonpea pod fly

Pod fly : Melanagromyza obtusa (Agromyzidae: Diptera)

Damaging systems:

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