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Wilt Disease in Pigeonpea

Improved Agronomic practices for Pigeonpea cultivation in Northern Karnataka

Seed Production Techniques in Pigeonpea

Techniques of seed production in Pigeonpea...

Recommended Pigeonpea Varieties for Gulbarga District (Northern Karnataka)

Pigeonpea varieties recommended for cultivation in Gulbarga District, Northern Karnataka, India..

Pigoenpea plant morphology

Pigeonpea botanical description.....

Pest management in Pigeonpea

Insect pest management in Pigeonpea.....

Mineral nutrition in Pigeonpea

Genetics and Breeding of Pigeonpea

Genetics and breeding in Pigeonpea....


Pigeonpea is known as:
Tur, Arhar in Hindi ; Kandi in Telugu

Pigeonpea has many unique characteristics:

Seed Processing


Processing of dry seed

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