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Fungal disease

Management of Pigeonpea Phytophthora blight

Phytophthora blight: Phytopthora drechsleri

Local name: Phytophtora angamaari

Management of leaf spot in pigeonpea

Leaf spot : Cercospora cajani

Local name: Yale chukke roga

Damaging systems:

Fusarium wilt in pigeonpea

Wilt: Fusarium uduum

Local name: seedi roga/sorgu roga

Phytophthara blight in Pigeon pea

Phytophthara blight in Pigeon pea

Botrytis Gray Mold in Pigeonpea

Botrytis Gray Mold


Rust in Pigeonpea



Alternaria Blight in Pigeonpea

Alternaria Blight


Cercospora Leaf Spot in Pigeonpea

Cercospora Leaf Spot


  1. Caused by Cercospora cajani.
  2. Cool temperature (25°C) and humid weather favour the disease.
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