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Production technology

Production technology

Plant spacing for pigeonpea

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Arhar ki buaayi pankti se pankti 60-75 cm. tatha paudhe se paudhe 20-30 cm. ki doori par boye.

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Improved Agronomic practices for Pigeonpea cultivation in Northern Karnataka

Seed Production Techniques in Pigeonpea

Techniques of seed production in Pigeonpea...

Mineral nutrition in Pigeonpea

Water Requirement

Pigeonpea uses about 20-24 cm water to produce about 1 t of grain/ha under traditional production systems.

Plant Population

Long-duration varieties

In traditional production systems, pigeonpea generally has a low plant population, less than 5 plants m2. But, 10 plants m2 gave marginally higher yields in intercrops.

Time of Sowing

Long-duration varieties:

Sowing at the onset of rains (15 June to 15 July in India) ensures sufficient vegetative growth before flowering.

Seeds and sowing

Pigeonpea Genotypes:

Generally local cultivars of medium- and late-maturing types are cultivated. These cultivars are:

Soils and Land Preparation

Pigeonpea is cultivated on both red and black soils


Zinc Deficiency Symptoms

  • Stunted growth.
  • Narrowing of leaves with pale green or yellow.
  • Inter-veinal chlorosis starting from tip of leaflets and spreading to the remaining area leaving only the midrib green.
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