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General description

General description

Nutritive value and functionality in the diet

Nutritive value and functionality in the diet

Pigeon pea: What to do and what not to do?



Statistics of Pigeonpea

Area and distribution

Global pigeonpea area

Use of pigeonpea

Used in more diverse ways than other grain legume crops

  1. Main use as dhal (dry, dehulled, split seed used for cooking).
  2. Green seeds are used as a vegetable.
  3. Crushed dry seeds as animal feed.
  4. Green leaves as fodder.
  5. Stalks as fuel wood and to make huts, baskets, etc.
  6. Plants are also used to culture the lac-producing insect.

Origin of pigeonpea

Importance of Pigeonpea

Introduction of Pigeonpea

Red gram is an important pulse crop in India. It is also known as Pigeonpea, Arhar and Tur. Red gram is mainly cultivated and consumed in developing countries of the world. This crop is widely grown in India. India is the largest producer and consumer of Red gram in the world. Red gram accounted for about 20 percent of the total production of pulses in the country during the year 2000-2001.

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