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Biotic stress

Biotic stress

Algal disease of litchi

Algal rust: It is caused by an algal parasite Cephaleuros mycoides. The disease first appeared on the young unfolded tender branches. On the infected young leaves, small lesions of velvety white growth appear on the lower surface. On the upper surface, just the opposite site of the lesion, chlorotic patches occur. As the leaves unfold and increase in size, the velvety growth becomes more prominent and dense. Later larger areas of leaves are affected with this growth. Old and thick leaves show various types of malformation.

Other pests of litchi

Bark eating caterpillar

The caterpillars feed on the bark of the tree during night. They bore inside the trunk or main stems and eat through the bark in to the wood. The affected portion is covered with large silken webs. In case of severe infestation plants may die.

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