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Generic crop

Generic crop

Cotton varieties

Hirsutum varieties of Cotton (Gossypium sp.)

Drip irrigation in Cotton

Drip irrigation in cotton (Gossypium sp.)

  • Drip irrigation can be a viable option under constraints of irrigation water in zone 3 and 8 for hybrid cotton cultivation.

Cotton varieties

Desi varieties of Cotton (Gossypium sp.)

Cropping systems in Cotton

Cotton (Gossypium sp.)based cropping systems

Crop rotations

Nutrient management in Cotton

Use of Chemical fertilizers in Cotton (Gossypium sp.)

Recommended dose of Nitrogen, phosphorous and potash per acre for different regions of Karnataka are as follows:

Nutrient management in Cotton

Use of bio-fertilizers in Cotton (Gossypium sp.)

Water management in canal command area

Adoption level of water management practices in canal command areas



System of irrigation

System of irrigation (Turmeric and Banana)

Flax Fibre: Processing Technology


Potatoes: A complete Food

Potatoes: A complete Food

Dhiraj K. Singh[1] and Pinky Raigond[2]

“Considering the widespread under-nutrition in the country, there is a need for popularising the consumptions of potato on a larger scale.”(MS Swaminathan, Eminent Agricultural Scientist)

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