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Biotic stress

Biotic stress

Pythium Root and Seed Rot of Chickpea

Pythium root and seed rot

Foot Rot of Chickpea

Foot rot
General Information :

Appears when the soils are wet.

Wet Root Rot of Chickpea

Wet root rot

Pytophthora Root Rot of Chickpea

Pytophthora root rot

Collar Rot of Chickpea

Collar rot

Black Root Rot of Chickpea

Black root rot
Roots turn black and rot

Verticillium Wilt of Chickpea

Verticillium Wilt
Brown discoloration of xylem

Dry Root Rot in Chickpea

Dry root rot

Fusarium Wilt in Chickpea

Fusarium wilt
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