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Update-Ag Min 3rd estimate for crops 2009-10

Revision is here!

I've replaced the table I posted a few days earlier with the full numbers from the Ag Min.

The Ministry of Agriculture has released the third advance estimates for 2009-10.

Crop production 2009-10 estimates

Here we go with the Second Advance Estimates of crop production for 2009-10. This is part of the spreadsheet I maintain - it goes back to 1997-98. This selection is for 2008-10 so that it fits in this space:

Minimum support prices 2009-10

The Ministry has released the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for kharif, rabi and other crops. Here is the list:

 Ministry of Agriculture - Minimum Support Prices

First indication of rain deficit impact on crop production

The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) has made what sounds to me like a realistic forecast of crop production. Also, the Fourth Advance estimates have just been released (I will post them here as soon as I can). This is the PTI report which quotes CMIE:


Dear Friends,

Recently I visited some wheat fields in Aligarh and Bulandshar and was surprised to see exceptionally high incidence of both Black and Yellow rust of wheat. The disease is more common in the late sown (December sowing) crop and generally the Black rust is noticed first.Rust symptoms on wheat

Good Agricultural practices for wheat

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Yellow rust

Yellow rust :

Yellow rust detected in kalyanpur in jammu region by PLANT HEALTH CLINIC JAMMU

Disease management in wheat

गेहू में रोग नियंत्रण

  1. करनाल बन्‍ट - यह फफूंद रोग है। इसके बचाव के लिए बीज को 2.5 ग्राम थीरम अथवा बावस्‍टीन प्रति किलो बीज के हिसाब से उपचारित करके बोऐं।

Record foodgrains output in 2010-11

'Sweet Wheat' for Tastier and More Healthful Baking

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'Sweet Wheat' for Tastier and More Healthful Baking

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