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Advantages of Vermicomposting.

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Hardening of the plants in the nursery.

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Hardening of the plants in the nursery

  • The term hardening includes "Any treatment that makes the tissues firm to withstand unfavourable environment like low temperature, high temperature and hot dry wind."

Vermicompost -When is the ready?

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 Vermicompost can now be harvested 

  1. The compost is ready when the material is moderately loose and crumbly and the colour of the compost is dark brown. It will be black, granular, lightweight and humus-rich.

Preparation of Vermibed

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Preparation of Vermibed

Preparation of vermi-compost pit

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Preparation of Compost pit

Plant protection: Nursery Management.

Plant protection

Treatment of soil against pathogens:

Treatment of soil against pathogens:

Soil solarization

Advantages of Nursery Management: Scientific.


Vermicomposting using local varieties and how to collect native earthworms.

Vermicomposting using local varieties of earthworms

Foliar Blights Disease of Wheat.

Foliar Blights

(Bipolaris sorokiniana ­(Spot blotch), Pyrenophora tritici repentis (leaf blotch or tan spot), Alternaria triticina (Alternaria leaf blight)

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