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Hydroponics: a healthy hobby or a hi-tech hype?

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Revisiting Hydroponics: Hydroponics is by no means a new technique. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was believed to be a hydroponic garden. But it hasn't become popular, particularly in India, where land was not a limiting factor. But now it is!

Going Green with Garlic, Ginger and Green Chillies

Fog Farming for Fresh Water

Friends of Farmers and Foes of Fruit Flies

Ecofriendly Edible Cutlery

e-learning and expert system ensembles to energize learning

We suddenly witness a surge in the e-learning initiatives all around. Tremendous improvements in ICT technologies and a sizable skill base developed in the recent past offer tremendous scope to make such initiatives work. Such initiatives are particularly helpful in imparting agricultural knowledge and skills.

Drumstick delivers in drought

Spineless Cactus - a promising source of fodder under drought conditions


Certain species of Opuntia are spineless and could be used as fodder for cattle and sheep particularly during times of drought. The high water content of cactus pads offers an added advantage. Feeding cactus resolves the problem of watering animals in arid environment. 

The Coconut Challenge

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