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Seed treatment in Bengalgram with Trichoderma viride

Root dipping of Rice seedlings with Pseudomonas fluorescens for Blast tolerance

Pseudomonas fluorescens is an effective biocontrol agent for management of rice blast. P.f. can be used for seed treatment, seedling dip and for foliar spraying in rice. Seedling dip method can easily be taken up in nursery fields, in the following manner. 

Mushroom spawn production

Mother Spawn


(1) Sorghum grain :  should be free from pest and diseases.  Avoid red and black coloured sorghum grains

Mushroom cultivation

Mushroom cultivation

Mushrooms are rich food with good quality totally digestible proteins, minerals, essential aminoacids, enzymes etc. Has got good medicinal properties also. Good for anybody for consumption.

There are two varities of Mushrooms which comes up well in South Indian conditions.

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