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Agricultural Growth in India since 1991”

Following are the highlights of a DRG (Development Research Group) study by the RBI titled "Agricultural Growth in India since 1991". The authors have studied the movements in various factors post 1991 identified by past researchers as detrimental to agricultural growth in India. This study focuses only on crop agriculture and not other components of agriculture such as animal husbandry, fisheries and forestry. The main observations of the study are

useful websites for agrarians


Important Web Links   dayal fertilizers


I’m only a farmer


I'm only a farmer



I'm only a farmer.

Ground nut Package of Practices


Glossary of Useful Terms Related to Cotton

Bale: A bale is a bundle of raw cotton. Bale weights do vary in different countries.   In the United States a bale weighs approximately 500 pounds (227 kilograms).  It is basic traceable unit of lint (ginned Cotton). By convention, a 'statistical' bale weights 4801bs.

Insect Pest Management in Groundnut


Groundnut leaf miner (Stomopteryx subscecivella)

Identification & Monitoring

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