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when will monsoon active in madyapradesh , any meteorollogist or waether experts can tell me

' climate conditions here are almarming " 

which state take steps first

its a step to agriculture development 

Every state in India has a strong need of State Agriculture Council and Pesticide Controller for :-

chickpea wilt - a major problem in India

One point that needs to be stressed is that, not one operation (eg. seed treatment) can prevent wilt totally. Some of the following measures in total will help manage wilt at every stage of its spread.

Arid Zone Horticulture

Arid Zone Horticulture: Some Success Stories

Ber Cultivation

practical agriculture V/S theoretical agriculture

hi agrians,

I find the emmense change between the theoretical aspects and practical aspects, because agriculture changes with climate, soil, topography, lattitude, water etcetc. 

I set a example as -- the varieties notified / released of horticulture crops ( chilly, bhindi ,brinjal, tomato etc ) that are given in the books were  not any where in the markets, there  many reason behind this.

Kisan Call Center (Madhya Pradesh)

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This is ths Kisan Call Center number for farmers oragrians of Madhya Pradesh ---- 1800-233-4433 (any query related to Agriculture, Horticulture , Veterinary , Medicinal / Aromatic Plants, Organic Farming etc.)

gram pod borer-chickpea

have any new approved technical formulation for control of gram pod borer in chickpea ? 

please , provide info ! 

Facilitator Seed Production Program for India

















Facilitator Seed Production Program for India

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