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Organic Manure to grow the roots

Organic Manure to grow the roots

practical agriculture V/S theoretical agriculture

hi agrians,

I find the emmense change between the theoretical aspects and practical aspects, because agriculture changes with climate, soil, topography, lattitude, water etcetc. 

I set a example as -- the varieties notified / released of horticulture crops ( chilly, bhindi ,brinjal, tomato etc ) that are given in the books were  not any where in the markets, there  many reason behind this.

Grazing Lands Influence Greenhouse Gases

United Farming Project (fruits)

Deal All,

Bacterial Genes Improving Plant Growth by 40% Identified

package of practices

please provide me package of practices of sugarcane, paddy,grapes,jowar,chillies.

agropeida training

I had an oppurtunity to know about agropdeia by agropeida tem of IIT Kanpur. I am thankful to its developers and i hope in future it will serve as a bridge between tehcnology generators and technology users

Update-Ag Min 3rd estimate for crops 2009-10

Revision is here!

I've replaced the table I posted a few days earlier with the full numbers from the Ag Min.

The Ministry of Agriculture has released the third advance estimates for 2009-10.

Drip Irrigation

low cost drip irrigation is more important for marginal farmers.

hi, friends i want reaearsch paper on Pongamia pinnata(Karanj)

hi, friend im doing M.Sc. in MBBT now i am doing reaearch on Pongamia pinnata so i want to research paper on it....pls send it to my account.

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