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Is commercial dairy faming benefitted to Indians, if yes how?

Now a days commercial dairy farming is in progress, But i think by this process our indigenious breed of cattle may vanish

kindly suggest appropriate future of Indian dairy farming.

how can gender mainstreaming be assured in organizations?

Gender mainstreaming can be assured at the organizations by including specific emphasis on womens' issues in the mandate of the organizations.

Banana ripening

Banana ripening

Use of calcium carbide  is banned by government of India for ripening bananas. According to Joint Secretary, Sanjay Chopra of Ministry of Agriculture, ethylene can be used for ripening the banana. He further stated that ethylene gas and ethaphom or etharol compound can be used for this process.

Control Measures of Nematodes

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Control Measures of Nematodes

A hybrid for Himalayan hills and peninsular region

Opportunities And Challenges in The Indian Dairy Industry

Opportunities And Challenges in The Indian Dairy Industry

Raising Dairy Cows - Important Factors to Learn Beforehand When You Raise A Cow For Hobby Or Profit

Raising dairy cows is not at all an easy task. Whether you raise a cow on a farm as a hobby or in order to gain more profit, there is a lot of information that you need to learn beforehand. Raising dairy cows does not need as much endeavor as raising other cattle. If you decide on starting a dairy cow farm, then you have to ask yourself a number of questions.

How about Dairypedia?

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It's great to have all agri-content at one plce. Dairy being a considerable chunk of the agricultural sector, it would be beneficial to have a 'DairyPedia' developed here as a subset of agropedia. A separate Dairy section can be created, wherein users can post data/articles/papers, etc. related to the Indian dairy sector.

Calcium from dairy important for strong bones

Eating foods fortified with calcium, or taking calcium supplements may not be as good as dairy intake say Purdue researchers. The team of scientists studied differences in bone health, comparing those rats a nutritious diet supplemented with calcium carbonate with rats given dairy products that contain calcium.

The results showed that dairy intake is best for maintaining bone health. Longer, stronger bones were found among the rats given dairy.


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